Blueberry Dave

Why do we invest so much of our time in this little endeavor, when we could be enjoying so many other wonderful experiences? I love rows of things growing, and all that goes along with it. I have gardened since I was in the fourth grade. I spent several vacations in eastern Washington on my late Aunt Lucy and Uncle Al’s farm. They primarily grew for Welch’s Grape. They also grew asparagus, corn, grass crops, fruit and some cattle for beef. When we moved to Sequim, we looked for land on which to build and farm. This property, through which the Dungeness River once flowed, left lovely loam which is excellent for blueberries. I love the environment of being out in the field; I find my peace and enjoyment there. I also love seeing things grow as a result of my efforts. I know you will enjoy them, too! Fall 08fwinter 09 031_0.JPG