Open for U-Pick August 4, 5, 7, 8, 10/ Varying Times

Our blueberry season is nearing its peak, and we anticipate being open for another month or more. We're not open every day, as our customers prefer that we open when the most ripe fruit is available. If we've had heavy harvesting, we may need to give the sun time to ripen more berries before we open again. This way, you should be able to find ample ripe fruit, rather than searching for a few berries here and there.

We plan to open again on Sunday, August 4 from 11-4:00; Monday, Wednesday and Thursday, August 5, 7, 8 from 9-3:00; Saturday, August 10 from 9-4:00. After that, we'll continue to check the field and announce our next U-Pick days. For our certified organic blueberries, we ask $2.85 per pound.

When you arrive, you will be given a bucket and liner, then will be assigned a place to pick your berries. We keep track of which areas have been picked, and direct you to the area that offers the ripest fruit at your time of arrival. Our bucket liners are either reusable plastic, or we have just gotten a limited number of mesh bags as well. Those washable/ reusable bags will be available for $2.00 each. The plastic bags are very sturdy, and can be brought for your next berry picking opportunity, or used for a variety of purposes such as harvesting veggies, carrying books from the library, or grocery shopping.

Well-supervised children are always welcome here, but we ask that you leave your fur-babies at home, as they are not allowed in the field and there is no shade for them while they wait in the car.

Some of our customers (specifically hotmail and Outlook subscribers) have reported that our email notifications were sent to their junk mail. We checked with our webmaster, who said that you should add us to your safe senders list to avoid this in the future.

In order to reduce SPAM, our announcements will follow a different protocol this year: they will be posted in the evening and will be sent throughout the night, arriving in your email in the morning. This will mean a slight delay from sending to receiving, but is designed to guard against SPAM, Blacklisting, etc. Sooo...check your emails in the mornings for the latest news from your local Certified Organic blueberry farm!

We'll see you in the berry field!

Blueberry Dave and Teri