Blueberry Season 2019 has Ended; No U-Pick this Friday, 8/30

Hello! Our blueberry season for 2019 has ended, and we want to thank all of you who supported us this year. Our season typically begins in mid- to late July, and runs for six to eight weeks. Now it's time to glean the plants, take down the nets to let the birds finish whatever berries are left, and fertilize the plants for their growing season.

Several items have been left at the farm, including a sweatshirt, wide-brimmed hat, narrow belt, some containers, and some money that fell under the counter (if you can tell us the exact amount, it's yours; otherwise we'll add it to our Toys for Tots fund). To claim the money, call us at 360-582-1128; all other items will be in the berry stand area for two weeks, after which time they'll be donated.

We hope you enjoy your berries over the winter, as well as some of the yummy recipes in this website. We look forward to seeing you next summer. Thank you for confirming our observation that "only nice people pick blueberries!"

We'll see you in the berry field in 2020. 'Bye!